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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 13
Chapter 13 - Christmas Party?
   "Leon, would you like to hear today's reports..." Claire held up her clipboard in front him.
   It was nearing the end of another peaceful day at school. The vampire in question was busy signing papers that were pushed on to them by the student council, taking out documents from the pile on his left, then piling the signed ones neatly on the right. Percy, who was in the clubroom with them, was busy balancing the club's current finances.
   "...Or are you too busy for it right now." She added as an afterthought.
   "Da, I could use a break." Leon put down his pen and stretched. "Curse that student council president... Quit slacking off and do your own paperwork. I already have enough from my club." He voiced his complaint.
   "But you already finished it though." Percy quipped while pointing to a small stack of documents on the side table, then immediately went back to his task.
   "Hmph!" Leon
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L.E.A.F. - Living Each Adventure Fully by The-Mystery-Of-Doom L.E.A.F. - Living Each Adventure Fully :iconthe-mystery-of-doom:The-Mystery-Of-Doom 0 0
Full Moon Sky - Chapter 12
Chapter 12 – Peaceful Volunteer
   The carriage stopped in front of Theodore’s home as Dr. Victor promised. After the horses calmed down, the coachman jumped down from his seat, and opened the door. Theodore took that cue to step out of the carriage and onto the pavement of his front lawn. He looked at his surroundings for a moment, then back at his teacher.
   Dr. Victor pulled out a pocket watch and started staring at it. “I’m in no hurry, so I’ll have you do something for me before I leave.” He said.
   Theodore didn’t reply but stayed in place, waiting for him to continue.
   The one-eyed scientist took a short glance at him then he quickly returned his focus to the watch. “When you enter your house, close the door and look through the peephole. If you notice anything, open the door but do not say anything. If you don’t, lock it and stay inside. I’ll give you exactly a minute to do t
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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 11, Part 2
   When the day finally arrived, most of Sanctum’s residents used the morning and afternoon to prepare for the two big events of the night: The Danse Macabre, and the Haunted Parade. They all wore their best costumes to wear for the dance, and the Fridolf Family was no exception.
   “Alright, this should do it.” Theodore said as he finished putting on his costume. Looking at his reflection, he moved his mask to the side and paused to admire the handiwork placed in his outfit. It was based out of the myth of Hastur, specifically his avatar as the King in Yellow.
   “I really have to hand it to mum, she didn’t miss a single detail.” He said as he looked at the tattered edges of his yellow coat. Satisfied, he rushed out the door and met his parents at the first floor landing.
   His dad was wearing his military uniform. The chevrons on the sleeves show his rank as lieutenant, and he was decorated with various mili
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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 11, Part 1
Chapter 11 – Festival of Encounters
   “Und... Feuer!” Percy shouted as he pulled the lever, launching a pumpkin high into the air.
   “How far do think it’s going to fly?” Theodore asked as he was watching it fly across the park.
   “Wait for it.” Percy pointed ahead. “That’s the best part.”
   Yuki started running after the flying pumpkin at top speed. Theodore felt the force of wind from her running start.
   “Wait, what’s she doing?” Theodore asked.
   “You’re going to need this.” Percy pulled out a monocular telescope from his long coat and gave it to him.
   Theodore looked through the telescope and saw Yuki draw out a wooden katana before jumping high up and delivering an overhead swing, shattering the pumpkin in mid flight. After that, she landed gracefully on a grassy knoll and ran back to the trebuchet zone
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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 10
Chapter 10: In the Afternoon
   “Something exists beyond this city.” The five of them heard Leon say.
   The group immediately fell silent. What was supposed to be a relaxing mood quickly changed into unease.
   “Huh, what’s that supposed to mean?” Katie asked. She placed her hands on the table and leaned closer to the tablet.
   “Whoever or whatever these people are, they are not a part of this community, nor are they planning to be any time soon.” Leon immediately answered. “In fact, the data we collected shows that they intend to kidnap the citizens and take them to where they come from.”
   “How did you find that out?” Theodore asked.
   “The information Luna and Wakahisa brought back from the antique store was the key. We also looked through the Sanctum Census and consulted with our contact at the Museum based on that info.”
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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 9
   Chapter 9: Ability
   Theodore may not have lived in the island for as long as his friends to fully grasp the true value of the Peace, but knowing what it means to them, he complied with the message he received and switched on his laptop.
   "I hope it's not as bad as he makes it sound." He thought as he opened the Universal Chat Network program.
   As he expected, most of his friends were online, save for Katie and Luna. He was also promptly informed by the program that Claire, screenname AsmoCarmillan, had sent a request to add him to her contacts. Theodore immediately accepted the request before sending a message to Percy. "Alright, I'm online now." He typed.
   As a response, he was invited by Percy to a voice conference. One of the prized features of the program that not only allows groups of people to talk with their voices in the computer, but it has already been long integrated into every mobile phone as well, breaking the no
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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Shattered Respite
   Theodore was startled and nearly jumped out of his seat. He faced Victor and saw his teacher's clearly unamused expression.
   "I repeat," Dr. Victor said in a stern monotone while holding out his hand. "Give me the coins, now."
   "But sir..." He wanted to reason with him, but he stopped as soon as he made eye contact. If the way that Dr. Victor was holding his palm out wasn't a clear indicator he wasn't going to reconsider his statement, it's the glare that came from his only working eye. There was no way to talk him out of it.
   "Fine..." Theodore sighed and dejectedly placed the coins on his teacher's palm. The latter nudged his eyebrow as soon as he had a clear look at the pieces of silver. He held one of them close to his eye and gave a quick look at both sides before facing Theodore again.
   "You will get these back after class. I will also speak with you then." He flipped Theodore's book
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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 7
Chapter 7: The Vampire’s Coin
   "Yes! Finally approved." Percy pulled one triumphant fist bump. "Where do we start?"
   "No Comrade, there will be no stakeouts." Leon replied, to which Percy snapped his fingers in defeat. "We will only be gathering further information from our contacts."
   Theodore, who had been listening for the past few minutes, had to voice out his concern. "Wait, I thought the Investigations Club was only a school club?"
   Leon stopped midsentence. "A school club, yes aand?"
   "Then shouldn't its activities be school-related?" Theodore asked.
   Leon rolled his eyes. "The school clubs are allowed by the principal to take their activities outside the school as long as we report what we do and have submitted a written approval of a teacher so that they see that our plans don't disturb the peace of the city." He took out a clipboard from his coat, flipped the pages to a signed approval form a
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Stealing the Slaughter
    "Supply's nearly run out." The Vampire mused to himself as he fiddled around with an empty rum bottle. "I'll have to get some more soon."
    He stood up and walked towards the log cabin. The entire place wasn't much to look at; in fact the main structure of the house was in a considerable state of disrepair from years of exposure to the natural elements. The inside isn't any different. A wooden casket was set on the floor right beside the broken windows. A single table stood in the center of the room; covered in scratches and a bit wobbly from the fact that bits of its legs were missing. Pots that used to hold green and vibrant plants were now mere buckets of dry dirt and ash. A single candle lamp that hung above the ceiling was the place's only source of light in the Western Forest's cold nights. Outside, right beside the cabin's fallen door was a moss-covered log in front of a crude fireplace.
    To any wandering passer
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Full Moon Sky - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Restless Nights
    The moon began to rise in the sky as night fell upon Sanctum. The night guard, composed of the naturally nocturnal vampires, had already been deployed. They took position in different well-secluded locations around the city as part of their nightly routine. Their piercing red eyes we’re carefully examining everything within sight, making sure that nothing disturbs the constant peace that has prevailed in the city for hundreds of years.
    Theodore spent most of the night at home chatting with Ring_of_Nightmares. They talked about the usual stuff; life, school, people, death. They went on like this until she had to log out because of her nightly flute rehearsals. Having no further use for his laptop, he shut it down and looked at his table clock.
    “9:30? Might was well pass the time for a bit.”
     He stood up and reached for one of the books on the top sh
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